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Sarah Vanhee's artistic practice is linked to performance, visual arts and literature. Her work unfolds in different formats such as an auction of ideas, a meeting between strangers, a screamed lecture, an intrusion, etc. Often it is (re)created in situ. Projects took place in living-rooms, in prison, in various assemblies, on a bench in a park,... much on the brink of (in)visibility. Recent works include The C-Project, Turning Turning (a choreography of thoughts), Untitled, Lecture For Every One, I screamed and I screamed and I screamed, Oblivion. Vanhee’s work has been presented widely internationally, both in performing arts and visual arts contexts. Vanhee is co-author of Untranslatables (a guide to translingual dialogue), and author of The Miraculous Life of Claire C, TT and Wild.

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